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Our Design DNA

We are your one-stop creative Digital Product Design Agency, true innovators striving for the extraordinary, as we understand that ”perfection is a journey, not a destination.” Our team of designers is more than just artists, they are problem solvers. We relish deciphering complex challenges and transforming them into elegant solutions through creativity and analytical thinking. User pain points become opportunities and obstacles are stepping stones to renewal.

Functionality? Absolutely.

We provide well-structured, effective code that aligns with present-day standards and facilitates future scalability. Moreover, our dedication extends beyond the development phase to encompass post-service support. We firmly stand behind our work, offering continuous assistance to ensure your website’s sustained peak performance, all within our central focus on delivering exceptional ROI.

You’re in luck! Leave behind

  • Communication lapses
  • Lack of innovation
  • Endless revisions


  • Post-launch loneliness
  • Deadline dramas

  • Budget Busters
The outcome? You bet!

Impressive digital experiences for your business that surprise, convert and inspire.

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Your Path to Brilliance

We bring the magic of design to life through our unique and powerful approach inspired by the Double Diamond Design process which is not just a method – it’s a journey that ensures your digital presence is truly exceptional, where creativity knows no bounds, innovation thrives, and your digital dreams become reality. Your brand deserves nothing less than exceptional, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Problem 01

This is where we begin. At this point we question the challenge of the problem and make all the preparations to embark on the research phase. The more challenging the problem, the more creative we get with the solutions. We never limit our clients’ imagination.

Discover 02

Here we dive deep into research, conversations, and observations to uncover the essence of your brand and the challenges you face and find innovative paths where your user needs align with the challenge. At this phase we use our expertise to find links that can pair your initial idea and the new realia. This isn’t just about data; it’s about understanding the heart and soul of your users.

Define 03

While in the research phase it is important to define the strong link between the product’s value proposition and the underserved needs of your target customers, that is, to measure the product-market fit. Armed with insights, we craft a clear path forward to set the stage for a design solution that’s not just beautiful but meaningful.

Develop 04

At this stage we are ready to develop, test, and refine multiple solutions to what was once just an idea. Our cutting-edge scenarios will leave you speechless with their unique approach, detailed and meticulous structure. This is where imagination takes flight. We explore possibilities, conjure up ideas, and stretch the boundaries of design to get to the groundbreaking solutions that often lie beyond the expected.

Deliver 05

Our ultimate phase makes dreams tangible. We elevate the chosen concept, rendering it real. Prototypes are developed, tested, and iterated based on real user feedback. It’s a process of continuous refinement, ensuring your digital platform is finely tuned to resonate with your audience. After deploying the final product, we are here to support you as long as needed.

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Our Service Arsenal

UI/UX Design

  • SaaS Product Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Website Design
  • UX Audit and CRO

Graphic Design

  • Brand Strategy and Logo 
  • Social Media Design
  • Characters and
  • Children’s Book 
  • Illustrations and Infographics

Digital Product Development

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • CRM and Cloud Application Development

Our Team

Portfolio Highlights

Glowing Testimonials

Max Beaubios

ShiftR got a deep understanding of the idea I was rolling in my mind for long and gave scalable development and design solutions that align with my company culture. It’s amazing how this group of professionals brought out the best of what seemed just an idea.

Jordan Yankov

Designing a logo is like choosing an outfit that matches your personality. It takes not only professionalism, but also meticulousness to perceive your client’s nature which this team is an expert at.

Armin Haller

Be it counseling on how it’s best to transform an idea into reality,making a user-friendly and aesthetic website, or dealing with customer satisfaction, we know we can count on ShiftR’s expertise in the field as they will definitely become niche players in the market.

Murali Sajja

With the world changing so fast, I feel lucky to have encountered such an agile, knowledgeable, and open-minded group of savvies. You not only get the full-time attention you need, but also feel the support and care they put in the job.

Peter Zendzian

Let’s talk numbers. After our collaboration the customer satisfaction has gone from 40% to 80% in just a month.

Christophe Lassus

It’s amazing how this team manages to give birth to so many unique ideas with the market being so full of innovations and various solutions. One thing is clear - hard work, consistency, and persistence play a huge role in the wonderful results they put on the table at the end of the day.

Ryan Smith

With ShiftR it’s so easy to pave the path to your business plans. You just sit back, tell about your wildest dreams, and, the next thing you know, it’s not a dream anymore.

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